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Fruit Slots
 One of the most popular subcategories of slot machines is fruit slots. Our mission is to collect as many fruit slot games as possible. Test play, review and in some cases free playable version included. Finding the right slot game with fruits has never been easier.
In Europe, the very first slot games were themed around fruits. We have come a long way from the classic 3 reels one-row slot machine. In today's modern slot games reels and rows can range from 3x1 to 15x15 in some cases.

 The logic behind choosing fruits for symbols in a slot game is simple. Fruits are tasty, delicious and good looking. Each and every one of us has a favorite fruit. Thus making a game with fruit symbols makes it naturally likable. 
There are two types of fruit slot machines: classic machines use the standard 3 reels 1 row with no extra features. Modern machines use multiple reels and rows and have special features such as free spins, gamble feature and bonus games.

Find the Fruit Slots Based on Symbols

In order to make navigation easier for those who are looking for a specific fruit slot game we use colored tags:
🍒cherries, 🍇grapes, 🍉melons, 🍋lemons, 🍏 apples, 🍓strawberries🥥coconuts, 🍍pineapples,

Simply click the desired fruit and all relevant slot games will be shown.

1700 fruit slot games

Games we list are also available online for unlimited free play and real money. So if you want to try your luck in a fancy fruit slot sit back, relax and start spinning the reels.

Classic Fruit Slot Machine

 Fruit Slots have an interesting history that started back in 1899 with the "Liberty Bell" fruit machine. Charles Fey, the inventor of Liberty Bell Fruit Machine turned a simple concept of 3 spinning reels on a single line into a legend. Today Classic Fruit Slot Machines come in a large variety, from 3 to 5 reels and 1 to 3 rows and increased lines.

The classic Fruit Slots are still a major part of online casinos. Displaying fruits, mostly cherries, lemons, oranges and sometimes sevens and bells as the higher paying symbols. Most of these slot games follow a simple concept, the player spins, the player wins. Having no special features like expanding reels, bonus rounds, free spins or gamble. The what you see is what you get is a system that was proven to work. In this post, we will discuss and review the Classic Fruit Slot titled game by 1x2Gaming, a well-established maker of classic fruity slots.

Before we start discussing the slot in detail, it's important to note that we offer a fair and honest review, based on more than 10 years experience on playing Fruit Slots. Classic slot machines usually have little to no extra features included and usually have a faster gameplay.