Play ZOOM the super slot game with fruits

ZOOM the super slot game with fruits
 ZOOM is not your regular slot game on 5 reels and 3 rows as you would expect. Thunderkick studios is known for their open minded games and ZOOM is no exception. This game has a unique design, fast paced gameplay and many bonus features. Sounds like a recipe for success right? Lets dig deeper and find out!

 The action in this fruit themed slot game takes place on 6 reels and 4 rows. The title simply refers to the feature when four winning symbols are zoomed in. Symbols used are melons, cherries, lemons, grapes, star, the number 7 and the letter "Z".

Zoom fruit slot game has 64 winning combinations or patterns. The return to player rate is 97% according to Thunderkick. The game features wilds and expanding zoom symbols with re spins. This is how the zoom feature works: the reel set is divided in 6 areas, each area is 2*2 symbols sized. The Z symbol expands into the massive symbol that occupies the entire 2*2 are its located on.

Mega Win in Zoom fruity slot
Fruits or not, any symbol can win you Mega or Ultra prizes due to the Massive feature. Imagine playing it for real money and hitting one of the big wins. This fruity slot would instantly become your favorite haha.

The minimum bet in Zoom fruit slot is 0.10 and the maximum is 100. The lowest paying symbol is the cherry. Getting 3 cherry symbols win combination will result in 0.30 win on a 1.0 credit bet.

The highest paying symbol is not a fruit but the star symbols. Playing on 1.0 bet and getting 3 stars will result in 2.0 win.

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Looks and feels

Very appealing looks, dynamic gameplay. There are no sluggish spin or win animations. The fruit symbols are well designed, clear and visible. For first timers this game is most definitely captivating. For those used to higher than 5 reel slots the game can still be captivating due to the many features the game provides. Playing this fruit slot for real money can be worthwhile.

Zoom slot was released in 2016. It has gained some popularity but nothing to write home about. Its one of our favourite fruit themed slot games and its available for free or real money.

Feel free to try out all the features we mentioned in the free demo attached below.

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The Zoom fruit slot demo is available for unlimited free play, have fun! Check out more fruit slot games.
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