More Fresh Fruits: Fruity action on 5 reels 4 rows

More Fresh Fruits slot game
Endorphina is known for its high quality slot games and More Fresh Fruits is no exception. This is what a great fruit themed slot game looks like. No compromises and slow reel animations, full device compatibility.

Traditional fruit symbols like watermelons, grapes and lemons are accompanied by apples, coconuts and strawberries. Resulting in a delicious looking fruity slot game on 5 reels and 4 rows.

Features include Scatter, Wild and Risk Game or Double Up. Action on 40 lines means more winnings and higher bets.

More fresh fruit slots

Clicking on the paytable tab in-game will reveal that the game makers are trolling us like in every other fruity slot game 😸
Even if its a fruity themed slot machine game the highest paying symbol however is not a fruit but the number 7. I find this extremely amusing every time.

Notice how the menu provides lots of options. Music and volume and graphics settings can be found. There is also a nice game history that shows how much time and credits or money have been spent during the gaming session.
The autoplay function has also improved significantly. The player can actually set different conditions when to stop the autoplay mode instead of the old robotic x number of spins.

Visually More Fresh Fruits easily scores a 9 on a scale from 1 to 10. The symbols and animations look truly fresh. Its an easy to pick up hard to let go slot game. The game just feels right and its pretty entertaining even in free mode which is pretty rare. Let's just call it the Endorphina effect.

Strawberries combo

Features in More Fresh Fruits

Its pretty important to note that the minimum total bet is 0.01 and the maximum total bet is 400. More Fresh Fruits is set to 96% RTP which is considered good. Its pretty easy to picture insane winning potential already, but that's not all. This game also has extra features that add even more chances to win BIG.

The expected Wild and Scatter features are of course included. The Risk, also called Double Up is also included. With Risk the player can essentially double every win several times. 
Instead of guessing the colour of the card, red or black the player has to guess a higher card than the dealers. If guessed right this process can be repeated 4 more times.

Strawberries to the rescue

Its very easy to get winning combinations in More Fresh Fruits. And yes, most of the times these winning combinations will be strawberries. Unlike some other fruit slot games here 4 symbols have the same value. Strawberries, lemons, apples and grapes pay 8 for 3 symbol winning combo on 40 total bet. For 5 symbols the winnings are 100.

Practice is key to victory! Feel free to play as much as you want on the demo version below. You can test out every feature and collect all the fresh fruits. If you liked this game let us know what you think. Also pressing share will make you 90% more cooler than the average visitor. 😃

More fresh fruit slots