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Fruit Slots
 One of the most popular subcategories of slot machines is fruit slots. Our mission is to collect as many fruit slot games as possible. Test play, review and in some cases free playable version included. Finding the right slot game with fruits has never been easier.
In Europe, the very first slot games were themed around fruits. We have come a long way from the classic 3 reels one-row slot machine. In today's modern slot games reels and rows can range from 3x1 to 15x15 in some cases.

 The logic behind choosing fruits for symbols in a slot game is simple. Fruits are tasty, delicious and good looking. Each and every one of us has a favorite fruit. Thus making a game with fruit symbols makes it naturally likable. 
There are two types of fruit slot machines: classic machines use the standard 3 reels 1 row with no extra features. Modern machines use multiple reels and rows and have special features such as free spins, gamble feature and bonus games.

Find the Fruit Slots Based on Symbols

In order to make navigation easier for those who are looking for a specific fruit slot game we use colored tags:
🍒cherries, 🍇grapes, 🍉melons, 🍋lemons, 🍏 apples, 🍓strawberries🥥coconuts, 🍍pineapples,

Simply click the desired fruit and all relevant slot games will be shown.

1700 fruit slot games

Games we list are also available online for unlimited free play and real money. So if you want to try your luck in a fancy fruit slot sit back, relax and start spinning the reels.

Advantages of Playing Online

There is no question that the era of local or brick and mortar slot venues is done. They will never recover due to many factors, here are some:

- Availability. It's much easier to play from your home computer. Or from your mobile device making the game available anywhere. There is no traveling involved, no waiting in line. No extra time invested just instant action.

- Variety. A game run on a computer or any device is much cheaper to make. This reduces the costs compared to local slot machine games. Lower costs mean more versions of games. For example, your favorite fruit game can have several updated versions and look-a-likes every month.

- Rewards. Having a consistent loyalty program makes sure active players are rewarded more. A well-structured reward system that is equal to everyone is hard to compete with.
Bonuses and promotions also fall into this category. Lower upkeep means more opportunities for bonuses, promotions, and special events. As simple as that.

How to increase chances of winning at fruit slots

😬 Be smart! Okay, let me elaborate on this one. You can stop the "How to cheat fruit slot machines" search now :) The truth is the player can influence very little in the outcome of playing slots. But there are a couple of other things before playing that can and should be influenced.

How much a machine can pay out is predetermined by the RTP rate. RTP means Return To Player. So if a slot game is set to 97% RTP it means the machine keeps 3% of all money used in it. Therefore its in the player's interest to find high RTP rate machines.

Good reputation and positive feedback from multiple sources. I would never trust fresh sites with my money. Even if fruit slots seem casual and "for fun" using your hard earned money on them is pretty serious. Doing a quick search before signing up from shiny banners could help a lot avoid being scammed or taken to play at manipulated games. Only use sources that prove to be trustworthy and sites that have a license.

Money management. When playing fruit slots for real money its crucible to have a solid money management technique. Most successful online slot players rarely or never change the bet they play on. In short, try to split up your money to allow at least 100 spins per day on the same bet. Keeping a log after the game has concluded will offer a clear view of how things actually went.

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