Fruitful Siesta - A feature based fruit machine

Fruitful Siesta Slot Game
 Want a fantastic looking fruit themed slot game? Look no further. Playson's Fruitful Siesta is at first sight simple looking but holds many extra features. If you are just picking up fruit slots this can be the perfect game to start with.

Fruitful Siesta has a very friendly design and uses simple symbols such as rank 1 to rank 3 stars, bells, sevens. Fruit symbols are lemons, oranges, grapes, watermelons.

Having a unique feature is always a good sign. Click read more to find out how can one feature boost the value of all fruity symbols and all your winnings.

Flip feature in Fruitful Siesta
The Flip Feature is triggered by Wild symbols, the ones that substitute for all other symbols. Once the flip feature starts it transforms all other symbols to maximize winning.

The transformations or flips are as follows: rank 1 to rank 3 stars will transform into silver coins. The fruits, grapes, lemons and oranges flip into golden coins. The higher value fruit symbols watermelons and cherries will transform into gold bars. Sevens and bells flip to become diamond symbols.

Flip feature additional information
There are 3 levels of Flip feature. Bonus re-spins are granted between 1st and 2nd level and 2nd and 3rd levels. A new level is achieved by getting a new Flippy Wild Symbol.
The higher the flip level the more stacked symbols with higher payout value appear on the reels.

The main goal in order to get super big wins is to get the Wild symbol that appears on the 3rd reels as often as possible. Once the feature starts in Fruitful Siesta big wins are almost guaranteed. This makes it a perfect game for playing in real money mode.

Fruitful Siesta Bonus

The best way to understand the feature is to try it :) Go ahead and give the free version of Fruitful Siesta a chance. You may be surprised. While playing this free version I managed to triple my starting credits without doing much 😀 Sounds pretty good right? 5 features won 28000 credits. So I started theory crafting a strategy to play this fruit slot for real money. I will make sure to let you know how that went.

Playson is known for their quality games. The sure made no compromises when creating fruitful siesta. Overall the game is a 9/10 in all aspects. Even the music and sounds are likeable which is a rarity.

Whats the best part on this slot machine with fruits you may ask? The best part is the Flip feature that was intelligently put together. Let's ignore the fact that you can win absurd amounts, it can also keep the player entertained. In the world of plentiful online slots, that's a pretty big deal.

This game is similar to ZOOM Slot.

Fruitful Siesta Bonus